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Wherever you are on your path, whatever your journey looks like, we’re with you. We strive to ensure that every interaction you have is one of hope, trust, and positivity. Now you have a highly skilled and experienced Dr. Tehsin Malik to guide you forward.

Hearty congratulations on taking the first step for your health.  Remember! Your body is an Amanah/Gift from Almighty and simple steps can lead to great outcomes.

You will find the services offered by Dr. Tehsin listed below. We request you to read each service carefully and choose the right option.

Welcome to PCOS2Pregnancy, where we help women with PCOS and Hormonal imbalance CONCEIVE Naturally.

Follow Pcos2pregnancy Diet

PCOS2Pregnancy diet is your way to go if you are suffering from PCOS or Hormonal issues and want to CONCEIVE Naturally.This diet will help balancing hormones as well as boost your chances to Conceive Naturally.

Take Pcos2prenancy supplements

Herbal and Nutritional supplements have shown excellent results in improving Hormonal imbalance and boosting egg health as well as your natural fertility. They correct your deficiencies while strengthening natural reproductive cycle.

Implement Lifestyle changes and fertility therapies

Lifestyle changes that include workout suitable for PCOS and conception plus correcting your biological cycle can make drastic changes to your Natural Fertility. Fertility Therapies ensures better results when you are trying to conceive.

Kind words form our lovely Sisters …

Just wanted to share a news with you!Alhumdulillah I am 24 week pregnant and my friend Rishu for whom I consulted you is also 19 weeks pregnant. MashaAllah! I thought of thanking you and also seek your duaa and advice in situation. I wasn’t even planning for a child but was more worried about Rishu. But Allah blessed me first and then Rishu. JazakAllhu Khair. Request for Duaas.


I have been on Dr. Tehsin’s guidance and I can’t express how good I am feeling. Her approach is holistic and natural and very simple to follow. Just within 2 weeks of starting the diet I could feel the difference in my whole system. My skin is better, my body processes are normal and I have increased energy.
Sangeetha M


Assalamalikum, this message is to thank you for all the help you are providing to women like me. I was facing late to almost no period cycles from few months but this month close to my dates I started smoothie recipe as mentioned by you. Every morning a glass and also changed my eating habits. I feel slowly my body is repairing damage caused by unhealthy choices I made in the past. May Allah bless you for your good work and once again a Big Thank you!


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