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Dr. Tehsin Malik

As Salam Alaikum,

I am Dr. Tehsin Malik, your Sister, your Muslimah Fertility Friend and off-course your guide during your journey while you are trying to conceive. I am a doctor in Alternative medicine and Specialise in Women’s health and wellness issues related to Fertility. With an experience of over 12 years and intensive research in natural fertility options in the light of medical science and Islam, Alhumdulillah I am able to  help sisters fight infertility problems naturally and inspire mothers to conceive a healthy and righteous child in the light of alternative medical science and Islam.

Being a women myself,  I am no different from you! I too have suffered miscarriage, temporary infertility, severe pregnancy complications!

Alhumdulillah, I was able to fight these conditions based on my herbal  and nutritional knowledge, research and experience and above all my faith in Allah (S.W.T.), his decree and his mercy. MashaAllah, I am a blessed mother of 3 children but my quest to fight Infertility has not ended. I want to educate and empower as many sisters to authentic and genuine information on Fertility related issues and NATURAL Fertility options available as opposed to conventional  options that are usually hormonal based treatments with lots of side effects and unpredictable outcomes.

Do not dishearten, if you are suffering from hormonal disorders, irregular mensturation or PCOS. Do not dishearten if you have poor egg health or weight-loss issues while trying to conceive. I am hereby trying my best to bring you most authentic, genuine solutions on these issues and help you heal naturally, emotionally and spiritually in your journey of trying to Conceive(TTC).

So if your are ready to conceive naturally, a healthy and righteous baby  and embark on a journey of motherhood supported by natural options and Islam, ‘Muslimah Fertility’ is the right place. We together will work on your diet, your lifestyle, nutritional and herbal supplements, fertility therapies and most important your spiritual well – being backed by authentic remedies and duaas  for righteous offspring from Quraan and Sunnah.

Your first step will be gathering as much information on your condition, knowing your condition and then empowering your self to fight it through “Fertility Detox and Diet Programme”. You must be wondering what is “Fertility Detox and Diet Programme”? Well, check it out in “Fertility topic” section.

May Allah bless you with healthy and righteous offspring….AAmeen

To get in touch please email me :- consultdrtehsin@gmail.com or private message me on www.facebook.com/drtehsinmalik