With drastic increase in Infertility rates, ongoing miscarriage problems and Ante-natal(pregnancy) complications, its advisable to prepare your bodies for conception. Especially if you are suffering from Fertility issues like Hormonal imbalance, PCOS, Poor egg health, Irregular periods, abnormal weight gain – it is always a good idea to give your body a ‘Cleanse and Heal’ time where you aim to detoxify your body of the harmful toxins and hormones which might otherwise cause infertility issues.

For any important event you prepare, equip and empower yourself in advance, so that you show up in your best possible condition. A farmer always plans, prepares, equips and empowers before he plans for a plantation. He cleanses and conditions the soil in best ways. He chooses the best seeds, best fertilizers and appropriate irrigation. If all of these aspects are looked into properly, he can be rest assured that plantation is going to be InshaAllah excellent.

While you are preparing for conception, it is the most important time to create a healthy body  for pregnancy. You need to condition your reproductive system to yield healthy eggs and  to build a positive environment for the baby to grow  and thrive. And InshaAllah then you can expect a healthy pregnancy and offspring.

This can be achieved by doing a  fertility detox and then going on to a fertility diet . Fertility detox is a 1 month cleanse plan to support the body in preparation for conception by cleansing the reproductive system. A fertility cleanse encourages the liver to cleanse the body of toxins and excess hormones. It also supports the uterus to cleanse old stagnant blood accumulated over a period of time and increases circulation to the uterus while strengthening the uterine tissues.

Over the years due to the use of unhealthy foods, accumulation of chemicals from excessive makeup and inorganic body-care products, use of conventional medications specially antibiotics, loads of toxins and harmful hormones called xeno-hormones build up in our bodies. They disturb the natural endocrine and reproductive system of your body which results into either hormonal imbalance, poor egg health, cystic ovaries and so many other problems related to it. Long term consequences are seen in form on Fertility issues or recurrent miscarriages.

Once your body is detoxified and cleaned, the next step should be enhancing and boosting your egg health and hormonal balance by eating nourishing Fertility foods and Supplements. This will aid to a healthy reproductive environment which can InshaAllah increases your chances of conception and healthy pregnancy.

Of course a complete programme of Fertility Detox and Diet should involve Lifestyle changes and correcting and strengthening aspects  of your Ibaadah.

So get going my dear sisters and take a first step to take control of your fertility naturally…