How to take control of your Fertility naturally?


Can we not take control of our own fertility?
There is so much both men and women can do to enhance their fertility naturally, technology should be used as a last resort.

The cycle of an egg is 90 days but a female is born with the eggs .
You can improve the quality of the eggs in 90 days (or so it is believed) as it is a 90 day cycle before an egg is ovulated.

For sperm it is 72 days but there is always sperm maturing so the store of sperm regenerates 24 hours after they ejaculate.

A 90-day lifestyle change can do wonders to help boost your fertility. Here are some ways you can boost your fertility naturally:

1.Ditch the white stuff:-
Avoid eating foods that cause major blood sugar spikes which can can cause shifts in your hormones. These foods include, white sugar, white flour, white rice, white pasta, white breads, breakfast cereals, baked and packaged goods. Increase foods that enhance fertility, including fresh produce such as avocados and sweet potatoes, as well as red peppers and good fats like coconut oil, olive oil and raw pumpkin seeds.

2.Buy organic
Reduce your exposure to pesticides, which has been linked to reduced sperm counts, and purchase organic produce that you consume the most of by following the dirty dozen list. A study in the Lancet found men who ate pesticide-free organic foods had a 43% higher in sperm concentration.

At least 30-minutes five days per week. medium-intensity workouts can throw your hormones out of whack. Stick to circuit-style training programs that is easy to fit in without spending hours at the gym.
4.Think positively and rely on Allah.
Negative emotions can reduce IVF success by 93 percent. Just having an optimistic attitude can help relax your body and reduce cortisol levels. If you think of yourself as infertile, then you become what you are thinking. Consider reading Quraan consistently with translation and you will feel good, hopeful and motivated about everything.

5.Boost your protein
Consider adding more plant-based proteins, such as beans, raw nuts, quinoa and lentils Eating less animal proteins reduce the amount of insulin levels and decrease the risk of ovulatory infertility by 50 percent.

6.Get your Sleep corrected. .
While we sleep, our bodies are busy repairing cells and regulating our hormones.. One special hormone, leptin, is a key link between sleep and fertility. Leptin can also increase our appetite for high sugary and fatty foods. Sleep has a powerful influence to the body’s hormonal system, which controls a woman’s cycle and regulates ovulation. The same goes for sleeping in a dark room, which can boost growth hormones.

7.Connect to each other and take a vacation!
Many couples are taking vacations that are centered in helping them conceive.

8.Consider herbs and supplements

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and is thought to help keep the fallopian tubes relaxed, helping the sperm and egg meet. If you are not familiar with DHA, then you should be and it will be important for your growing baby. Fish oils help reduce internal inflammation and balance your hormones. Supplements with Ultimate Omega + Vitamin D3 is a favorite among health professionals.
Herbal supplements such as
Maca Root :- It supports endocrine system function for overall hormonal balance and support.

Red Raspberry leaves :- One of the best herb for normalising female reproductive organs

Other herbs include:

  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Shatavri ( Asparagus Racemosus)
  3. Flax seed and it’s derivatives
  4. Evening prime rose oil
  5. Royal Jelly
  6. Bee pollen /Propolis
  7. Chaste tree berry known as Vitex

The idea is getting into action and taking control of your hormones and fertility. ..