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If you been suffering from PCOS or signs related to it such as Hormonal Imbalance(High TSH or High Prolactin, Estrogen or Progesterone Imbalance), Irregular menstruation, Ovulation problems, recurrentmiscarriages and looking forward to heal your condition and Conceive Naturally, this is how you can enroll PCOS2Pregnancy program with Dr. TehsinMailk.

Pregnancy is supposed to be a natural process born out of love. Yet both society and the medical community give us so many mixed (or just plain wrong) messages about it that we can end up confused, stressed and full of self-blame if we have yet to bring a new life into the world.

The good news is that real, helpful – NATURAL alternatives are available under guidance of Dr. Tehsin Malik @ PCOS2Pregnancy. And when you work with your body – and your husband to make simple dietary, lifestyle and other science-based changes, you can greatly increase your chances of becoming pregnant, InshaAllah.

It’s actually not too difficult and while there is no guarantee of success, as giving an offspring is in hands of Allah, you will feel healthier and happier by putting in your complete efforts – and your likelihood of having a happy, healthy baby will greatly increase, InshaAllah.

All you have to do is let us @ PCOS2Pregnancy help you naturally increase your fertility. It will enrich your life forever.

Please note that there will be only 30 slots for this program and we will be accepting 30 patients based on first come first serve basis. Also your medical history will be taken into consideration. So please provide as complete details of your condition.

How to register and Enroll for PCOS2Preganancy Program with Dr. Tehsin Malik: – If you wish to take up a PCOS2Pregnancy Program, Please fill in the assessment form given below and submit.

With the knowledge, research and wide exposure, I, Dr. Tehsin Malik have developed a natural plan that can help you fight and heal PCOS and increase your chances of conception. We call it the Pcos2pregnancy plan. Over time, I’ve tested and refined my approach. And I’m proud to say that since then, many of my patients have overcome PCOS naturally and started families, Alhumdulillah.

What is PCOS2Preganncy Program: –


It is a 16-week Program where you will be working on Healing your PCOS and Conceiving Naturally – under the guidance of Dr. Tehsin Malik.

    1. As a part of this program you will be given a PCOS2Pregnancy detox and PCOS2Pregnancy diet plan – phase by phase, that will help you reverse PCOS, its symptoms and conceive naturally. Our detox and diet plans are easy, natural, doable and sustainable.
    1. You will be given a personalized prescription of herbal medicines and dietary as well as nutritional supplements that have shown amazing results in Reversing issues related to PCOS or Hormonal Imbalance and helps Conceive Naturally.
    1. Lifestyle changes that include guidance on workout that aids weight loss and at the same time strengthen your fertility is a great resource of this Program. Also you will be guided on fertility therapies and tracking ovulation and other aspects related to getting pregnant naturally InshaAllah..

What is the pricing of this program?


This plan is based on years, expertise, research, planning and dedication. Our team including Dr. Tehsin Malik has invested years planning and designing this program. Yet we are committed to give you the best value, and so we have decided to launch our upcoming slots as affordable price as possible.

Sisters who pre-register will have a special discount of 50% on the given price of the program. This discount will be valid on sisters who have pre registered. If you register after the program slots are launched, you cannot avail the same discount price.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll access on the PCOS2Pregnancy program:


  • Your personalized case analysis: We will analyze your medical condition and reproductive health plus your diet, food intolerances and digestion, your current toxicity level, exposure to environmental toxins, very important lifestyle, your personal and family medical history and more. You will then have a personal 1 detailed Online consultation with Dr. Tehsin discussing all the above issues and based on that you will receive personalized herbal prescription, feedback and guidance unique to your case. During this 16 weeks you will have a special email 1 to 1 contact with Dr. Tehsin, where your concerns will be answered and your progress will be reviewed personally by Dr. Tehsin Malik.
  • Your Individual Condition is different: Find out what you need to do differently depending on what conditions you and your husband are struggling with. A couple experiencing PCOS and Low Sperm Count will get different information from another who has Poor Egg Health and Miscarriages for instance. A sister with High TSH will have different herbal and nutritional prescription than a sister suffering having high Prolactin levels. So, each case will be given a personal prescription.
  • How to Do A Proper PCOS2Pregnancy Detox: Before you start focusing on fertility diet it is very important to cleanse and detox your body which will prepare your body to get better outcomes. We will guide you on what to expect, and how to know when it’s complete. Learn how to detox for fertility and systematically remove damaging reproductive toxins from your diet, lifestyle and environment. Such as: pollutants in your home that can destroy sperm count or hinder egg health, food additives to avoid that are sources of xenohormones and toxins in everyday foods and beverages and more.
  • Using Food As Fertility Medicine. All the tools and guidance to create targeted fertility diet plan including: recipes, meals plans, shopping lists, what to eat and when. Use this to give your body most of the fertility-boosting macro and micro-nutrients it needs in the proper ratios through your diet.
  • Learn about surprising everyday PCOS and fertility Sunnah foods shown to help your condition and fertility in all sorts of ways: for instance: helps regularize your metabolism, balance hormones and boost the reproductive health.
  • Therapies and workout that have known to be showing great benefit with PCOS and Fertility issues. Guiding you which therapies to include and when to include in your PCOS2Pregnany routine. Workouts also a huge impact on PCOS condition and should be done in a right way, so that you are able to lose weight, balance your insulin and get
    pregnant same time, InshaAllah.
  • Using Supplements and Herbs the Right Way shown to be most effective for PCOS as well as fertility by correcting imbalances, addressing deficiencies and providing vital nutrients for a healthy conception. For example: we start with detox supplements that include liver detox and hormonal detox and then move on to herb that regulate hormone levels (progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, prolactin), support healthy sperm, boosts
    ovulation, support the uterus, ovaries and testes.
  • Getting The Timing Just Right: Includes timing Tools guidance and Tips to help you identify the unique pattern of your cycle and pinpoint the perfect time (ovulation) to try to conceive each month.
  • Using Mind/Body Techniques to Help You Foster a Fertile Body and Mindset: Simple strategies to help you harness the power of your mind and body to support your fertility and eliminate worry, stress and anxiety that can harm your fertility. These techniques will help you transform your outlook on your fertility and help you acquire a fertile mindset.
  • Spiritual Connection to Allah S.W. T. Our body is an Amanah from Allah and we have been trusted with it. Our job is to take care of it and to nourish it physically as well as spiritually. Spiritual connection through Ibaadah, Duaas and Zikr is must while dealing with PCOS and trying to get pregnant. These are a part of PCOS2Pregnancy Programme.
    They help you harness the power of your mind and body to support your fertility and
    eliminate worry, stress and anxiety that can harm your fertility. Connecting to Almighty Allah will help you transform your outlook on your PCOS healing plus fertility and help you acquire a fertile mindset.
  • Facebook support group that will keep you connected with Dr. Tehsin Malik on daily basis
    throughout your program and will also ensure that your little queries, your goals are met and you stay motivated.
    These are just small, simple but important things you’ll learn that can, InshaAllah lead you on a journey towards a PCOS free body and finally starting the family you’ve dreamed of,
    all NATURALLY!
Meet Dr. Tehsin Malik

Tehsin Malik is a founder of PCOS2Pregnancy project, managing women’s health issues like PCOS, Infertility and Hormonal health – NATURALLY for over 13 years. She has her Bachelor’s in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, a Post Graduate Diploma in Preventive and Promotive Health as well as a Certification in Nutrition and Dietetics. Alhumdulillah, she has helped many women heal PCOS and Reverse Infertility.

At PCOS2Pregnancy, Dr. Tehsin recommends a Holistic and natural approach through simple but Sustainable Dietary & Lifestylechanges, Effective Natural Herbs & Supplements, and last but most importantly Strengthening and Rejuvenating Connection To Allah through Ibaadah, Zikr and Duaas. This comprehensive approach has shown promising results and helped women starts families – NATURALLY!