Dr. Tehsin Malik is a Holistic health doctor with in depth experience and expertise in managing women’s health issues like PCOS, Infertility and Hormonal health. She has her Bachelor’s in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), a Post Graduate Diploma in Preventive and Promotive Health (PGDPPH) as well as a Certification in Nutrition and Dietetics (CND).

With over 13 years of hands on clinical experience UAE, UK and India plus an ever-increasing number of followers on social media seeking help to have a family naturally, she decided to launch her own Holistic program (PCOS2Pregnancy program) to support and help Muslimahs  fight PCOS and reverse infertility – NATURALLY in the light of Medical Science and Islam.

Unfortunately, in this day and age infertility is an ever-rising problem.

At PCOS2Pregnancy, She takes on a holistic and natural approach for fighting PCOS & Infertility through simple but sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes,  efficacious fertility therapies,  proven and effective natural herbs and supplements and last but not least Ibaadah and fertility duas.



Women’s Health – PCOS,Hormonal Balance  & Fertility


Special expertise and services



Hormonal disorders (Insulin, Thyroid, Prolcatin, FSH,Proesterone, Oestrogen imbalance)

Irregular Menses

Egg health (unhealthy ovulation, Anovulation)

 Special message from Dr. Tehsin Malik:

Alhumdulilah, now I am a mother of 3 but my Fertility and Pregnancy journey was not easy. Having undergone a Miscarriage myself and later diagnosed as PCOS patient, I had to pave my path to my 3 healthy pregnancies. With Allah’s mercy, my knowledge and research in herbal and holistic medicine, I was able to fight my conditions and get pregnant ‘Naturally’.
Now my Passion is to help, guide and support sisters to conceive naturally in light of Natural Science and Islam. I have designed a Holistic Fertility support system based on Diet, Herbal Supplements, Lifestyle changes and Spiritual workouts that will InshaAllah increase the chances of getting pregnant Naturally to many folds. I call it PCOS2Pregnancy Program.

With the knowledge, research and wide exposure, I, Dr. Tehsin Malik have developed a natural plan that can help you fight and heal PCOS and increase your chances of conception. We call it the Pcos2pregnancy program. Over time, I’ve tested and refined my approach. And I’m proud to say that since then, many of my patients have overcome PCOS naturally and started families, Alhumdulillah.

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