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I always believe, medicines should be taken as a last resort for treating any condition. In order to be PCOS free, you need to eat right, exercise regularly and manage your stress levels.

Herbs and nutritional supplements are important too but for the them to do their job effectively, you need to take care of what you are eating and how you are living your life. If you do so, there’s no stopping you from reversing PCOS or any other lifestyle diseases (Thyroid/Prolactin imbalance, miscarriages etc.). If your body metabolism and nutritional status is balanced, it will Insha’Allah become easy for you to Conceive.

The fact is to Conceive naturally and have a healthy pregnancy, you need to take care of your PCOS first.


Health experts throughout the world unanimously agree that the best treatment for dealing with PCOS is ‘Diet and Lifestyle changes’. It is the only sustainable and healthy approach. If, done in a right way and under right guidance, will not help you manage your PCOS, but will also help you keep its symptoms and complications like infertility far away.

At PCOS2Pregnancy program we have a 16-week diet Program that it divided into 2 parts.

  1. PCOS2Pregnancy detox diet
  2. PCOS2Pregnancy fertility diet


  1. PCOS2Pregnancy Detox diet will help your body cleanse of the toxins, Artificial hormones called xenohormones, and other chemical that you been ingesting in your body through unhealthy foods and lifestyle.

During PCOS2pregnancy detox we will ask you to use Specific Food and dietary supplements, that are cleansing in nature for the body as well as reproductive system and that heal your gut and activate your metabolism. Also, very important part is avoiding foods that have caused this situation and ingesting foods that can boost your fertility.

Note: – You will be given a proper Detox program, that you will need to follow for 21 to 30 days.

  1. PCOS2Pregnancy Fertility diet is a Natural way of eating that is supporting your body in its hormonal balancing and reproductive efforts. It includes foods which are dense in specific nutrients needed for hormonal function, production and balance, fetal development, egg health, sperm health, blood health, and much more.

It is a diet that is designed to help your body to balance hormones responsible for fertility issues, build up nutrient stores and provide all of the building blocks for a healthy child. It is also a diet that is focused on giving you and your future child the best start in life.

Why Eat a Natural Diet that fights PCOS and support fertility?

  1. Did you know that the number one treatment for balancing PCOS and getting pregnant despite PCOS is diet?
  2. Did you know that what you don’t eat is just as important as what you do eat?
  3. Did you know that hormones build themselves from the ingredients you provide through your diet?
  4. Did you know that the number one cause of infertility is anovulation (lack of ovulation) and that it can often be remedied by changes in the diet?
  5. Did you know that there are specific nutrients that are needed by the young fetus before you can even detect pregnancy, and a deficiency in these nutrients could cause serious birth defects?
  6. Did you know that the foods you eat today impact the health of your eggs and sperm 90 days from now?

Eating a Natural Fertility Diet is something everyone can do regardless of location, fertility issue, age, time, and money.

We all eat, so why not eat in a way that supports your hormonal health and fertility?

Some of the effective fertility superfoods that you will be asked to include in your PCOS2Pregnancy

  • Sunnah super foods like Zam Zam water, Raw Organic Apple Cider vinegar, Pure Honey/royal jelly, Walnuts, Olive oil, Barley, Dates, Figs, Pomogranate, Grapes, Melon and more..
  • PCOS2Pregnancy super fruits like Pomegranate, Avocado, pineapple, coconut, grapes, melon, apples, pear, berries …
  • PCOS2Pregnancy super vegetables like Spinach, Kale, cucumber, capcicum, carrot, Broccoli – cabbage – lettuce (exception if you suffer from thyroid), varieties of gourd, Eggplant, Yam, fresh beans, Cauliflower etc.
  • PCOS2Pregnancy Super grains with low glycemic index, lentils and beans
  • PCOS2Pregnancy Super Proteins like Organic Free-range eggs and chicken, Salmon, Mackerel and other cold-water fish.
  • PCOS2Pregnancy Super seeds like black seed, fenugreek seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin, fennel and sunflower seeds
  • PCOS2Pregnancy Super and simple Herbs like Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper, Cumin, Garlic, Thyme etc.
  • Pcos2Pregnancy dry fruits like walnuts,
  • PCOS2Pregnancy Diet include preparations like Essential Fertility fats, Fertility tea, Fertility soups, Fertility smoothie and many delicious diet recipes to ensure you enjoy PCOS2pregnancy journey, Insha’Allah!


PCOS2Pregnancy diet is your way to go if you are suffering from PCOS or Hormonal issues and want to CONCEIVE Naturally. If you are able to deal with it effectively, getting pregnant and having a healthy baby will be a byproduct of course.

With the knowledge, research and wide exposure, I, Dr. Tehsin Malik have developed a natural plan that can help you fight and heal PCOS and increase your chances of conception. We call it the Pcos2pregnancy program. Over time, I’ve tested and refined my approach. And I’m proud to say that since then, many of my patients have overcome PCOS naturally and started families, Alhumdulillah.

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