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Check out Your 21 day Ramadan Detox Guide with Ramadan Planner for Fertility, PCOS and Hormonal Balance

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It’s more than just a guide and a planner

A powerful and inspiring, smart Ramadan Detox guide designed to take you on a step-by-step through your Fertility/Hormonal Balance/PCOS journey to help you achieve your health Holistically, create your 21-day action plan, and have a life-changing Ramadan

What’s Inside the Ramadan Detox guide?

Introduction and Explanations: Understanding Ramadan, fasting in connection to Health: Achieving hormonal Balance and improving fertility outcomes

Section 1

Rules/Do’s and Don’ts of Ramadan Detox, Supplements and Super foods for fertility

Section 2

Journey through 21 days’ action plan, Shopping list, Do at home Therapies, Ramadan workout, Duaas and Ibaadah

Ramadan Planner

Plan your Ramadan according to the Detox guide, compile your Fertility duaas and Ramadan worship, make your grocery shopping list, fill out your daily ramdan routine and build a weekly reflection around it.

About Author

Dr. Tehsin Malik is a Women’s Health Holistic practitioner, with a Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Post Graduate Dip. In Promotive and Preventive health. She inspires and guides women to take control of their Hormonal and fertility health issues through natural approach.
It inspires to detox your Body, mind and soul and Insha’Allah create a balance state of body with balanced hormones and improved Fertility outcomes.

Understand how Ramadan Helps Physical, Spiritual and Mental Detox


How to Plan Each Day in a healthy way that leads to hormonal Balance?


Our 21-day action plan is one of a kind

This Ramadan detox guide and planner is one such initiative to make women of today aware of their health conditions and equip them to overcome the imbalances Naturally!
A simple daily system to help you cover your

All aspects of your diet


Dietary supplements


Nutritional supplements


Sunnah Foods




21 days Ramadan meal plan


Ramadan special recipes


Your worshipping activities and Duaas


Fertility therapies and much more….