Shatavari  – Wonder herb for women trying to get pregnant

Scientific name :- Asparagus racemosus

If you are trying to conceive and doing everything right like meeting your spouse during the fertile days and eating healthy, but haven’t succeeded yet, you should probably take help from natural supplements before going for expensive IVF or other fertility treatments.


Shatavari, a well-known herb known to boost fertility in men and women both. It improves and support your reproductive functions and increase chances of conception.

Let me tell you how Shatavari works to help women in conception:

Shatavari balances your female hormones: Lots of  women, in their reproductive age, suffer from a PCOS( polycystic ovarian syndrome). This condition disrupts the process of ovulation and leads to hormonal imbalances. Shatavari is known to reduce the symptoms, restore hormonal imbalances and improve chances of conception. When you consume this herb, it can help improve Ovulation activity, follicular maturity and stabilize irregularities in the menstrual cycle all of which can have increase chances of conception .

Shatavari helps to relieve stress: Stress  can affects fertility to a great extent. It leads to ovulation problems  – late ovulation or no ovulation at all. Also problem like inflammation or injury to tissues of your reproductive organs which can cause endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and much more.

However, Shatavari helps to reduce the inflammation, absorb the harmful toxins and waste material from the blood. It also prepares the body for reproduction by eliminating the negative effects caused by stress.

Shatavri improves ovulation: The main constituents of Shatavari is  Saponins, which is known regulate estrogen. Now that it helps regulating the estrogen, it then contributes to regulation of menstrual cycle and healthier ovulation

Shatavari improves secretion of cervical mucus: Low cervical mucous can be one reason that may stop you from getting pregnant. As you approach ovulation cervical mucous is secreted by the cervix and estrogen is at its peak. This cervical mucous helps the sperm get inside and pass to the female reproductive tract and meet the egg. Mucilage  that is present in Shatavari is a tonic for cervix and protects the mucous membranes of the cervix. So it helps the cervix  to secrete adequate amount of mucous to help sperm meet the egg.

Shatavrai reduces toxic build up: In a way Shatavari also helps to eliminate toxins in the body. It creates an environment which is healthy for a reproduction and for a pregnancy to flourish.

Hence Shatavari is a very effective herb that supports and balances female hormones, boosts ovulation and strengthens reproductive system. If you are trying to conceive its an important herb that you should include as your supplement.

How to use it?

This herb is commonly sold in capsule form or powder as well. Approximately 2 grams of powder and be consumed per day. However, it is highly advised not to take this herb under a supervision of Alternative/Herbal Medicine Practitioner.