*Don’t push the limits when it comes to exercise. And if you’re not losing weight by exercising more, that’s not where your problem lies, so there’s no need to push yourself more.

*Look at your blood sugar levels.

*Don’t restrict your calories. Your sex hormones depend on cholesterol, so eat it in moderation.

*Make sure to eat fat and saturated fat as it promotes the burning of stored fat. If you’re exercising you’ll burn fat better.

*Remember that muscle weighs more, so going up in weight is normal if you’re exercising and putting on muscle.
Eat less fried foods.

While weight gain is one of the most common problem known in sisters suffering from PCOS, here are specific tips on how to loose weight with PCOS.

Loosing 5 to 10 percent of body weight can have a great effect on PCOS and you can start to menstruate and ovulate regularly.

1.Eat higher fiber and low GI foods like whole unprocessed grains and fiber loaded fruits and veggies in each meal.

2.Pay attention to your gut microbiome (good bacterial flora by use of pro-biotics).

3. Use insulin supplements like inositol, when needed, though you will want to eventually get off of them.

4. Ibaadah especially Duaas and Adhkaar has a profound effect on the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system. Train the brain to calm down the fight or flight mode.

5. Don’t eat and go! We’re killing ourselves in the name of productivity. Chill out, take your time and have your lunch, ignore the phone and other business.

6. Sleep is also really important and could cause dis-regulation of cortisol.

7.You don’t have to see a functional this or that, just do the right things. Our bodies simply haven’t adapted to our modern lifestyle so we need to slow down and get back to basics.

8.Science is science, and it is exact. But life is not science and food and nutrition are not about science.
Don’t go for crash nutritional plans that stress you out are going to cause the body to not absorb the nutrients coming its way.

9.Regardless of the symptoms, you have to de-stress first and get the body to realize that not everything is stress.

10. Add Super foods like dates, raisins, figs, almonds, berries and olives in your daily diet to nourish your reproductive hormones.

11. Make use of natural dietary supplements like Flax seeds, Chia Seeds, Raw Apple cider vinegar, Raspberry leaves and spearmint leaves. Also use herbal supplements like Maca root, Shatavari, Vitex etc to balance your hormones and heal PCOS.

I hope this article gave you hope that you can use natural remedies for PCOS and find reduction in your symptoms. Aameen